Help brands delivering exceptional shopping experiences

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Help brands delivering exceptional shopping experiences

Business problem that is solved with the project

Plexure is a leading provider of global mobile solutions, founded in New-Zealand in 2010. The project consisted in allowing Plexure's customers to personalize their customer shopping experience in a few clicks on a dedicated serverless platform.

Context and project goals

Plexure helps brands promoting content to individuals when it's relevant to them while they are in physical stores. The brands always wanted more features and Plexure decided to leverage serverless to continouly deliver them with a minimum requirements.

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Plexure built a serverless platform with Microsoft Azure. Customers can not only upload the offers, promotion texts and images. They can also create the workflows that support the logic for creating the shopper experience. For example, the weather can be used as a parameter to deliver the exact promotion that corresponds to the actual shopper experience. This is created in the platform with a few clicks, with Azure Logic Apps working in the backend.


Challenges encountered by the Plexure team include: 1. Gaining developers' experience 2. Preventing dumb things happening, not only with their own developers but also with customers 3. Satisfying the CxO who want to see this solution as an infinite feature fabric.


A new feature can be added to the platform in a couple of days and delivered continuously without Ops involvement.It drives innovation while reducing development costs.


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