AWS Kinesis Data Streams

A massively scalable and durable real-time data streaming service

A massively scalable and durable real-time data streaming service

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Amazon Kinesis Data Streams is an essential component of Amazon Kinesis service that allows processing streaming data at any scale. As presented by AWS, it allows to "ingest, process and analyze high volumes of high-velocity data from a variety of sources in real-time." It can collect data from different sources such as clickstreams, IoT devices, or logs. The collected data streams are divided into shards partitions). With its ability to reprocess and replay the data multiple times, it can be accessed by multiple applications at the same time. The data is available 24 hours by default, but the retention period can be increased up to 7 days. Kinesis Data Streams is not a database, so the data can't be deleted and disappear at the end of the retention period. Companies like Netflix, Zillow, and Thomson Reuters use Amazon Kinesis Data Streams

Use cases
Real-time data analytics
Run near real-time analysis while paying only when your app is running
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Encrypt your data using keys you create and control
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Enhanced fan-out (AWS)
An optional feature for Kinesis Data Streams consumers that provides logical 2 MB/sec throughput pipes between consumers and shards. This allows customers to scale the number of consumers reading from a data stream in parallel, while maintaining high performance.
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Analytics and BI
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Use cases
Real-time data analytics
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JavaScript, Python, PHP, .net, Ruby, Java, Go, Node.js, C++
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Amazon Kinesis Data Streams uses simple pay as you go pricing. There is neither upfront cost nor minimum fees, and you only pay for the resources you use. Pricing is based on two core dimensions - Shard Hour and PUT Payload Unit, and optional dimensions for enhanced fan-out, extended data retention, and long-term data retention.
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Netflix; Zillow; Thomson Reuters; Hearst Corporation; Nordstrom
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