Build A Winning Cloud Migration Plan

Adopt serverless to modernize your legacy and deliver exceptional value at low computing cost

Legacy Modernization Approaches

Here are the findings of an IBM study*:

*IBM Market Development and Insights: "Serverless in the enterprise 2021"

You're just at 4 steps of building a winning plan to adopt serverless and take your IT to the next level

  1. Educate yourself and your teams about microservices and serverless with the Resource Center
  2. Discover real projects and products and identify your innovation opportunities
  3. Assess your teams' readiness and build a plan (coming soon)
  4. Consult with experts about any remaining concerns
Serverless is a game-changer in digital transformation

Serverless gives you the possibility to deliver solutions faster at low cost and minimum risk. It positions you as an innovative leader who brings value to the organization. It makes your engineering teams happier and more involved in the success of your business.
Join a community of leaders who want to outsmart the competition and grow with serverless technology. Learn from peers and experts who use serverless for solving business problems. Discover projects and initiatives that have a positive impact.

Get help to make the right decisions

Using new technology is a commitment that has long-term consequences. It’s a journey that requires an internal assessment and involves many stakeholders in your organization.
What you find on Serverless Crush is meant to assist you in this journey:

  • Real projects to test the concepts or solve business problems,
  • A product database that lists all serverless services,
  • A pool of recognized experts who contribute to the serverless ecosystem with resources and open-source tools

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