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How Can I Get Help From a Serverless Expert?

You explored resources and products, looked at projects, and try to make sense out of it all. Still, there are those unanswered points that bother you. A good discussion with someone who specialized in serverless technology, or someone who already did the entire journey, can be a game-changer. We'd like to help. What you need to do: - Go to <> - Choose a slot that fits you for a max 30 mn call to establish your needs and question list - We look for an expert that can answer your questions and put you in touch. Because Serverless Crush is a free platform, we won't ask you anything for that service. We leave at the expert the choice of letting you know if there is a charge.

How Can I Request Changes On My Product?

Please remember that we build this website for free! We do our best to collect the most recent information for helping our visitors to know better serverless products, as well as related cloud services. As a product owner, you may want to update the information displayed on your product. To do so: - Browse the product database on <> and use the filters to find your product, - At the bottom of your product page, click on "Suggest an update" and fill in the questionnaire. - Do not hesitate to share with us what you think is relevant. Thank you for your help!