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Adopting Microservices Is a Journey

  • You need to understand the concepts, the solutions, the pros and cons, and share this knowledge with a large range of people.
  • You must decide when and how to start, and have the right people on board.
  • You have to commit on initial results, overcome early challenges, learn from mistakes, and continue to the next step.
  • At the end of the road, you must justify the investment with tangible benefits.

Get Help to Make the Right Decisions

  1. Educate yourself and your teams with resources about microservices and serverless.
  2. Discover real projects and identify your innovation opportunities.
  3. Assess your teams' readiness and build a plan.
  4. Choose vendors and tools to help you win the first success.
  5. Consult with experts about any remaining concerns.
Serverless is a game-changer in digital transformation

Serverless gives you the possibility to deliver solutions faster at low cost and minimum risk.

It positions you as an innovative leader who brings value to the organization.

It makes your engineering teams happier and more involved in the success of your business.

According to 2021 IBM Study on Serverless
  • 36% of companies that adopted serverless achieved cost reduction,
  • 34% improved their applications' quality and performance,
  • 30% gained time-to-market while improving data security.

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